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Wayne Goss instantly swooned me with his gorgeous brush collection from which I was able to pick up numbers 01, 02, 06 and 14. It has been quite a chase, but one worth the while. Wayne’s brushes are handmade in Japan by more than 20 artisans from start to finish. Japan most likely holds every brush crafting secret which makes it possible for them to craft some of the best brushes around the world – including these gems, imagine what you get for your money. They are allegedly made by the same manufacturers as Hakuhodo’s, so here’s your answer. A cruelty-free brush collection with uncut hair tips ensure the softest hair bristles I’ve ever stroked my face with. They also wash beautifully maintaining their original shape. His brushes are simple yet chic, elegant and most of all timeless. Today I’ll be reviewing Brush 14, which is part of The Face Collection. Follow me on Bloglovin to be automatically notified for upcoming Wayne Goss reviews from which I will upload one every week.


Brush 14 may not seem like a brush you desperately need at first sight, but you might just slap yourself in the face once you’ve actually tried it and realise that it’s an indispensable, unique brush to add to your collection – an absolute must-have it is. This brush is made of goat hair, which may not feel as soft as brush 02, but honestly, you won’t feel the difference on your face, mainly because the difference in shape. This brush is full-on fluffy and therefore not necessarily the easiest to control, so don’t expect a precise application because then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

The days when you ended up with clownish cheeks are officially over …

It’s a tapered fluffy brush with almost no resistance, which works absolutely wonders for applying either pigmented blushers or setting powder. It has literally changed my life in the way how I apply pigmented blushers: no more worries about using a too heavy hand – the days when you ended up with clownish cheeks are officially over. Dip your brush in the product just on the tapered end of the brush and swirl the brush on your cheeks and the brush hairs on the sides will do all the blending for you. No need for an additional brush to blend. It speaks for itself that the fluffiness allows this brush to be a champ at setting your make-up with powder as well, as it doesn’t disturb your foundation underneath. And now we’re at it, why not highlight with this brush as well? Once again, another versatile brush by the lovely Wayne Goss.

The shape of this brush really stands out in my collection – there’s not one brush that looks remotely the same. Looks aside, it’s its skills that really matter. It’s truly a life-changing brush as it has forever changed my feelings about pigmented blushers. What once used to be a nightmare to apply, has now actually turned into something manageable, fuss-free and truly effortless.

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  • http://www.minnebelle.com/ Isabelle

    I could use this one for my Hourglass blush by the sound of it! It’s so pigmented I am almost always going in with a too heavy hand.. Very frustrating!

  • http://www.hellojaa.com/ Jaa

    That’s an interesting shape for a blush brush! I’d love to try one! I have yet to splurge on any Wayne Goss brushes due to the price but I might save up and one day buy the set! Can’t wait to read more of your reviews!

  • http://willworkformakeup.blogspot.com/ Tiffany

    This one sounds like a great brush! I’ve debated over getting some Wayne Goss brushes for a while now, mainly this one and/or brush 02, but I never bit the bullet. I just wasn’t sure what I’d use them for, or if I actually really “needed” them, but I think it’s only a matter of time before I pick some up :) Like Sunny, I don’t own a brush like this one either, so maybe I should start with this one.

  • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Oh great, now I need this, too LOL I like pigmented blushes, but not VERY pigmented ones because I just can’t seem to blend some of them out as well as I should! I definitely don’t own any blush brush remotely similar to this. Need to look into it :)

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Sunny! Hahaha sorry, his face brushes are just top notch. This brush is a very unique one though, haven’t seen anything like this one before. And I know what you mean, but on me particularly blush looks really quickly overdone so that’s mainly why this brush has become a true essential for me! I really recommend it! ;) X