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Evening Skincare Routine

Following up my Morning Skincare Routine #2, I will now share you my evening routine in full detail. One that’s quite exhaustive, as you will see, and meant to proper treat the skin – which is much, much appreciated during the cold and shivering months. The cold always plays havoc with my skin and requires quite […] Read more…


September Favourites

September was sadly the last month of my summer break in which I’ve spent a week in the beautiful streets of Venice. I’ve written a heavy pictured post about it. It’s equally the month where school started again. Goodbye relaxed life! Beauty-wise it has been a month of discovering new things as well as rediscovering gems in my personal […] Read more…


Cleansers Breakdown

Cleansing your face is step number one towards achieving beautiful skin, which is beyond any doubt every girl’s biggest wish. Whether you’re a frequent make-up wearer or not, it’s important to take time to cleanse day and night — merely splashing your face will not cut it. There’s absolutely no use to apply any skincare on a skin that’s not […] Read more…