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Wave Spots Goodbye

There’s nothing worse than doing your job devotedly to be then yelled at by your cranky boss. Taking care of our skin is essential but requires devotion, discipline, time, and money. Whilst I assume we all make those efforts, nobody wants unattractive spots in return. Luckily I’ve picked up some tips along the way and here’s my foolproof way […] Read more…


Not Worth The Splurge #1

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on skin care products that have received their stamp of approval in the blogosphere but didn’t made the cut for me. I would love to point out that these products are loved and adored by a great amount of people so it’s not that they are necessarily bad but they either didn’t […] Read more…


Origins Super Spot Remover

I’ve had my battles with blemishes. Whenever they pop up I want them gone within a day. Mission impossible? Think again! Meet my BFF when it comes to achieve spot-free skin: Origins Super Spot Remover. You won’t believe me if I state: “No other spot treatment even dares to compete with this tiny blue bottle.” until you’ve […] Read more…