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Wave Spots Goodbye

There’s nothing worse than doing your job devotedly to be then yelled at by your cranky boss. Taking care of our skin is essential but requires devotion, discipline, time, and money. Whilst I assume we all make those efforts, nobody wants unattractive spots in return. Luckily I’ve picked up some tips along the way and here’s my foolproof way […] Read more…


Morning Skincare Routine

My skin has been rocking its way through summer. Here’s a short summary: July started out pretty rough on my skin so I decided to do some routine-tweaking and I must’ve done something real good to achieve such mind-blowing results. I did have a few hormonal break-outs though, which sadly can’t be avoided, but I’ve managed to clear them up within […] Read more…


Cleansers Breakdown

Cleansing your face is step number one towards achieving beautiful skin, which is beyond any doubt every girl’s biggest wish. Whether you’re a frequent make-up wearer or not, it’s important to take time to cleanse day and night — merely splashing your face will not cut it. There’s absolutely no use to apply any skincare on a skin that’s not […] Read more…