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Make-up Menu #3: Spring Edition

A new season demands a new make-up menu: a lighter and fresher one with a glowy finish that makes you look as if you’ve been cocooning all winter long – I wish that were true. I’ve spent part of my Easter Sunday spring cleaning my make-up MUJI drawers and I got inspired to create a simple, everyday spring […] Read more…


Chanel Rouge Allure Rayonnante

Desperately on the hunt for a bold lip shade that isn’t labelled as red, I stumbled upon Chanel Rouge Allure Rayonnante, a bright fuchsia shade with light dustings of purple, which made me dip my toe into new waters. A ravishing shade that fits about perfectly in this awkward seasonal transition to spring. Awkward because one day it would be surprisingly warm which […] Read more…


Chanel Le Blanc

Let’s start with a little secret: I’ve never really explored much in the primer’s department. Why? Because I didn’t really felt the need to. I’m blessed with pretty normal skin that might lean towards the more drier side of the spectrum during the colder months, but besides that, I have not much else to complain about […] Read more…


WOMF #2: Autumn Make-up Look

Autumn is hands down my favourite season. I’m insanely obsessed with cosy knits, comfy boots and oversized anything really. Makeup-wise, it’s been pretty much a representation of the colourful autumnal days. It’s alright to go as bold as you feel like – no restraints whatsoever. Sultry brown smokey eyes and bold red lip, BE MINE. The stars of the show […] Read more…


Chanel Le Volume Mascara

A mascara that meets my high standards in order to make the most out of my stubborn, short and straight lashes. Chanel Le Volume is a rare gem that actually blew my socks off …  Unlike the name suggests, it provides volume, length and a lasting curl without the need of it to be waterproof which is impressive already. […] Read more…


Sephora Haul

When someone hands you the opportunity to buy things at a discount, it’s only polite to accept the invitation, right? Especially when it involves beauty heaven Sephora which offered a 25 percent discount. Was there a minute of doubt? Needless to answer that … It concerns Sephora France which is far from comparable to the almighty one in the […] Read more…

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