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Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer

My latest brow acquisition is the Burberry Effortless Brow Definer (£22.50) in the shade Ash Brown. It’s a double-ended automatic brow pencil with a slanted tip on one end and a spoolie on the other, which is already good news to begin with. The slanted tip facilitates the job exceptionally being so quick and easy to use, effortless as the name suggests. It allows […] Read more…


Make-up Menu #3: Spring Edition

A new season demands a new make-up menu: a lighter and fresher one with a glowy finish that makes you look as if you’ve been cocooning all winter long – I wish that were true. I’ve spent part of my Easter Sunday spring cleaning my make-up MUJI drawers and I got inspired to create a simple, everyday spring […] Read more…


Burberry Newbies.

I was in desperate need of a new eyebrow pencil and I knew exactly where to look: Burberry Eyebrow Definer in Ash Brown was already on my radar. Eyebrow pencils with a slanted tip facilitate the job incredibly being an absolute no-brainer to use: swift and totally fuss-free. I wondered if this Burberry eyebrow option was able […] Read more…