Santhilea Magnetic Lash: Best mascara ever?


What is it with women and mascara? Lashes make your eyes stand out. Simple as that. There’s an enormous variety available on the market so you would think it to be easy to find one that suits you perfectly. Well it isn’t. I have tried countless different formulas and brands and there was only one that did everything I desired; L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof. Unfortunately it’s discontinued, as always. I have now tried and tested something new and an endless battle against my short, straight and stubborn lashes has possibly ended. Shocked? You. should. be.

What do I look for in a mascara? It has to lengthen my short lashes, curl my stubborn lashes and give volume to my lashes to make them pop. I want a formula that doesn’t weigh down my lashes so that my curl lasts all day without any smudging. Pretty demanding, I know. I seriously envy my boyfriend’s long lashes. Mine are that bad.

I remember using multiple mascaras when I was younger to achieve the best possible lashes. A true hassle. The only thing was that they were far from perfect; being heavy, clumpy and uncurled. The quest went on and I reduced the amount of mascaras to just one. *lazy me* Nowadays waterproof mascaras have been my lashes’ new best friend. They have a much drier texture resulting in curled lashes that last all day. *score*

An endless battle against my short, straight and stubborn lashes has possibly ended …


Santhilea Magnetic Lash 1-2-1 Lash Extension System is something very different from any other mascara I ever tried. There are two tubes; one is a regular mascara and the second tube consists of black velvet fibres.


The first step implies the mascara which you apply like you would any other. The bristles are widely packed so it lengthens your lashes like a dream being totally clump-free. On days when you just want to enhance some features I’d say you could leave it to step one.


The second step is where the all magic happens. Take the lash builder which contains the velvet fibres. Start by applying a thin layer over your mascara while it’s still wet. Finish off by applying a coat of mascara to seal everything in. You can repeat the last two steps until you have achieved the desired length and volume.

DSC_3306 copy

This mascara is so versatile. Play with it and you’ll understand why. Concentrate the fibres only to the top of your lashes to achieve the desired length. Pack the fibres only to the root of your lashes to achieve amazing volume. You can either go super natural or very false lash-like.

It’s hands down the most comfortable mascara I’ve ever tried.

The formula is incredibly lightweight. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to nourish, condition and support the lashes’ natural growth. It’s hands down the most comfortable mascara I’ve ever tried. Can you believe that after all these layers of mascara and fibres my lashes don’t feel heavy at all and feel super soft? This mascara is also waterproof which has multiple benefits. It holds the curl all day – I kid you not and it’s smudge-proof. Some might be scared of the waterproof formula but it’s super easy to remove -without stripping your lashes. Convinced? You must be.

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