Something Emma Hardie-ish: Rodial Glamtox Cleansing Balm.

I could without any doubt write an entire book filled with endless ravings about the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. One month ago I would have never imagined cheating on Emma but … I did. *pleads guilty*  It seemed to be out of stock everywhere, so I had to opt for something new.


I was told the Rodial GLAMTOX cleansing balm is very similar in texture and smell, so definitely a must-try for me. Oh, and did I mention it is also without a doubt a favourite of the shop manager? I just could not resist but to be curious … 

The rave about cleansing balms goes on …

Cleansing balms are a dream to use. Beautiful in texture and great at removing makeup. You apply it dry to the face, massage it in, rinse it off with water or a damp muslin cloth. Simple as that. No need for a separate cleanser for your pretty eyes. It also does a better job at removing my waterproof mascara than Emma does. *incredible uh, I know*  The most satisfying part is when you see the dirt slip away in the sink. *pure joy*  Look back in the mirror and your face is all radiant, hydrated and clean. Those times when you put on toner afterwards and there is still some ‘dirt’ left on your cotton pad are over. Pinky promise!

It contains almond, jojoba and wheatgerm oils to nourish the skin while amino acids and a blend of vitamins help brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of age spots and pigmentation. Best of all, it does not contain mineral oils. *score*  The fact it is oil-based makes sure your face is hydrated. A must try for the dry skin gals out there, especially during winter times. Well, we’re not there yet, thank God. I am in no way a skin expert but I think I can safely say that all skin types can use this. Don’t be afraid of the word ‘oil’ because the consistency is very well-balanced. In texture it is not oily or greasy at all and definitely less oily than the Emma’s counterpart. 

The thing I was most excited about when I saw the packaging is the plastic 100ml container with yes … a pump. It’s much more hygienic and so easy to control.  A pea-size amount is enough for your whole face and neck. A little goes a long way … Don’t you agree every product’s packaging should come with a pump? No more need of those easy-to-lose spatulas or products under your nails. This would be easy life. 

Yes, another cleansing balm to add on my raving list. I must say I am quite impressed. I had not expect it to make it on my A-list. Whether or not I will repurchase this instead of the Emma Hardie one is still a mystery. I will keep you updated for sure, but for now my face is thankfully enjoying a luxury treatment every single night. My other body parts must be jealous …

And remember … No amount of make-up will ever compete with good skin care … That’s where all beauty begins.



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  • Jane Chin

    Haha :D I should try this too!! ^^ x