Prepping Your Body For Summer


Spring has only just arrived and I’m already worrying about getting my legs undressed. Legs are often neglected in the winter resulting in a pale and dry mess – and mine are by no means an exception. In the anticipation for the warmer months I bought a new body scrub and moisturiser, hoping for nicely prepped limbs for when the sun starts taking its job seriously and shining like it has never done before in 2015.

First things first: clean up the mess we made and start with a clean slate. L’Occitane Pate Delice has this covered for you, thanks to the lovely concoction of almond butter, almond oil blended with crushed almond shells and sugar. Massaging this onto damp skin will release a scent, what seems to be exhilarating for most people. I’m honestly not the biggest fan but I can deal with it. However, what I do like is how incredibly soft it makes my skin feel. A powerful almond-based concoction that’s rather creamy -for a body scrub- yet effective at removing dead skin cells down the drain. My skin looks happy, healthy and revived – there’s not a patch of dull and rough skin in sight. Only downside is the fact that it’s housed in a tub, which is not the most convenient and hygienic option. Oh well, at least it sits nicely on my bathroom shelve, am I right?

Going out the shower does not equal to getting immediately dressed. No, first you need to moisturise that freshly washed body of yours. My latest and absolutely great smelling acquisition is the Vichy Ideal Body Balm. A thick and rich body balm featuring ingredients such as lactic acid and hyaluronic acid along with ten nourishing oils – sounds promising right? Lactic acid helps to remove that unattractive layer of rough skin whilst hyaluronic acid provides the punch of hydration it desperately needs. I slather a generous amount of this salmon goodness all over my arms and limbs, which sinks in relatively quickly leaving my skin silky soft, smooth and polished. I can definitely confirm that lactic acid does its job as prescribed: sloughing off dead skin cells which is not the most pleasant thing but ending up with the smoothest and most polished skin ever makes it worth the while. Again, a moisturiser in a tub, which I’m not very keen on but it’s probably one of the first body moisturiser I really fell for, so I can’t really complain.

Those two products are basically all I need to be fully prepped to be undressed. Add some sort of fake tanner to the list and I’m confident to conquer to world …


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  • Alexandra – Glam O’Clock

    I really like the sound of the Vichy body moisturiser. I love using Lush body conditioners (which are meant to use under the shower) but I am intrigued by the fact this Vichy one has lactic acid. Your pictures are stunning as always! xx


    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Alexandra. Yes, Vichy Ideal Body is lush – I really really recommend it. I’ve used King of Skin but I wasn’t a fan of the scent at all – love the idea though! Wish there were other scents … something light and fresh would be great! And thanks, so sweet of you! X

      • Alexandra – Glam O’Clock

        I love turkish delight (which is very fresh and floral) and also Ros’Argan (which is more nutty). Anytime!! xx

        • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

          No way, there are other scents? When I bought King of Skin, it was the only scent I saw in store? It was either that or the scrub version. Ah, such a shame! X

          • Alexandra – Glam O’Clock

            Have a look on Lush website. I think all the range is featured. Xx

  • Agata

    Nice post, haven’t tried any of these! What self tanners do you use??

    And yes, your photos are the state of art! Beautiful!

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Oh, you’re too sweet, so kind of you! Clarins for the face and Xen-Tan for the body! Both brands do great self tanners. X

  • jenn @Abeautifulzen

    i try and use exfoliators with some kind of acid so the lactic acid here is appealing. so far, for the body, i’ve mostly used physical exfoliators but i like chemical ones for the face. and yes! moisturizing right after is a must. have been using the uber fancy l’occitane almond balm


    A Beautiful Zen

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Jenn. I know right, I was sold the minute I knew it contained lactic acid and hyaluronic acid! Yup, me too, chemical exfoliators for the face only. A lot of people love that one right? I’m actually not the biggest fan of the scent but I didn’t mind using their body scrub though! X

  • Hanh

    Firstly your photos are beautiful Alice, so light and pretty :) a body scrub is a must for me too, to prep my skin. I love using Soap and Glory body cream range, they really keep my skin nice and soft!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Oh thank you, Hahn! So sweet of you. I wish we had Soap and Glory in Belgium. I adore their body scrubs and moisturisers! I’m just not willing to pay £15 shipping on Boots … Oops! X

  • nonsonoquitter

    your photos are art. love it.

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      I’m flattered. Thank you so much! X