Blue-tiful nails: Essie Aruba Blue

Let me introduce you to the perfect blue shadeEssie – Aruba Blue. Blue has been bang on trend ever since spring’13. The love for blue accents goes on this AW’13. So if you need to add a pop of colour to your lovely outfit … Look no further, I got you covered! 


Aruba blue, a frosty sapphire blue. One of those shades you fall in love with the moment you lay your eyes on it. To be honest, I have never been into blues. I own several blue shades but not one of them convinced me to actually wear it. So I had no intentions buying this nail polish until I saw it in store staring at me. Such a gorgeous shade, I just could not resist.

In terms of application it was opaque in two coats. It has a frosty finish which I normally dislike but this shade is just … stunning. I can’t really explain but everything is just right: the formula, the colour, the finish, the application, … . I paired this with gold glitters on my ring finger: Etude House – LUCIDarling. Blue and gold: a match made in heaven.

An eye-catching shade of blue, proudly added to my collection. They feel like little gems on my nails. What colours will your nails be rocking this season?

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  • LK

    I think I’m going for the natural look this season.

    • Alice Yeh

      Hahahaha. I did NOT expect this one! LOL

  • Vilde

    I love this blue nail polish, it’s actually one of the few blues that I have considered. And my roommate owns it, I will have to borrow it from her sometime in the future, well, that is… if I can get off my red-wine-burgundy colour bandwagon… hehe. And the Etude nail polish looks really interesting! I will be walking around looking for asian cosmetics in around 4 months. I CANNOT WAIT! But you will mostly find me with bare nails, or black or red-wine-burgundy colours on my nails! I do love those colours!

    • Alice Yeh

      You can never go wrong with red-wine-burgundy shades on your nails. But sometimes it’s fun to choose something different. You should definitely try out this gorgeous blue! And are you planning a trip to Asia? ^^

  • Fay

    Love it! I normally don’t ‘go blue’ but hey this does look amazing!

    • Alice Yeh

      Totally worth the try as I’m not a blue-fanatic either ;)