Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze


I feel like bronzer is something more optional for most people but to me it’s pretty much a daily essential. Finding one that pleases me entirely is however a whole other story … In my opinion, a bronzer should be entirely matte and hold the perfect balance between cool and warm-toned, and believe me, the struggle is real. Nars Laguna was – despite the fact that it does contain shimmer – the closest to perfection I have been able to find up until now. But that has quickly become history since Marc Jacobs’s bronzer came into the picture … The Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze has my bronzer expectations completely down to perfection.



The Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze (€43,50) comes in a very large, yet sleek black compact that features a full-size mirror which is just dreamy to use. Your largest powder brush can be swirled easily in this gigantic pan which makes body application easy peasy. It comes in one shade (Tantric 002) only, which made me very suspicious to begin with. There’s no possible way that one shade will match every complexion but it surprisingly – and luckily – matched mine. I reckon it will match fair to medium skin tones best. I praise myself lucky that this supposedly one matches all shade seems to be pretty much perfect for my complexion. There are no obvious red tones to be seen nor does it look too muddy, it sits just right in the middle of the spectrum that adds natural warmth and depth to the face. It’s also very pigmented – also something I tend to struggle with – which deserves bonus points for it. The silky texture of this powder ensures a smooth application with micro-fine pigment technology and built-in skin conditioning agents. It blends in seamlessly and provides a flawless, radiant-matte finish.

It looks like Marc Jacobs and I are going along very well. I can’t rave enough about his concealer and now I have this to add to the list. Finally a pigmented bronzer that imparts my face with a beautiful natural glow without the need of added shimmer. I can’t wait to see what’s next in line for me to try – I dare to say it will be well worth the splurge …

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  • Anu

    I heard great things about this bronzer from Tati on youtube. The packaging is huge. You can slap someone with it lol. Anyways, I am not a big bronzer person, mostly because I can’t find shade that seem to do what I want it to do. I will have to stop by the marc jacobs section in sephora next time.

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Anu! The packaging is huge indeed but it doesn’t bother me at all. The way you can swirl around a big bronzer brush is somehow very satisfying. What are you exactly looking for in a bronzer? Most bronzers are too warm-toned for my complexion and turn very reddish in my opinion. So if you have the same problem you should be good with this one! X

      • Anu

        To be honest, I am not sure what I am looking for either. I have the same problem bronzers look really muddy or orange on me. Then I see other people and want mine to look like their lol. I don’t know if I make sense.

  • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

    Hi Alice. Maybe you should add it to your Christmas list? Would be the perfect opportunity! X

  • Sharlynn Ng

    This looks soooo beautiful! I’ve got a blush from them and it looks stunning, I love the finely milled texture and how the blush glows on me. I think I would love this too!

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Sharlynn. I have never tried their blushes before. I probably should? I cannot recommend this bronzer enough! X

  • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

    Hi Kate! Bronzers are the secret to my healthy complexion, haha. It’s truly amazing and you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of the best bronzers I have used in a very long time! Really hope you’ll try it! ;) X

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Oh hey, here’s that bronzer that implants your face with a sun-kissed glow! ;-) It sounds really lovely. And it looks absolutely gorgeous, too.

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Melissa! That’s THE one, haha. Go and get it, you won’t be disappointed. Pinky swear, haha! X

  • Jasmine

    You make this MJ bronzer sound wonderful! :) The shade comes off beautiful!

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Jasmine! The bronzer is just wonderful, I have Mr. Jacobs to thank for it! The shade is a perfect match for me. I’m sure it will match you too! You should really try it, you won’t regret it! ;) X

  • Alexandra – Glam O’Clock

    So glad you like it! I hit the pan of my beloved Bobbi Brown Bronzer and I guess I will have to replace it in the upcoming months as it’s an daily essential for me as well. The Omega bronzer sounds dreamy. I have heard NARS Laguna and Benefit Hoola are really good too. Since I have tried the Too Faced Milk Chocolate one, it’s on my list as well. Tough choice ahead as far as I am concerned! :)

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Alexandra. I’ve never tried BB bronzers as they look too reddish for my complexion, which is unfortunate as I have heard great things about them. Hoola is in comparison definitely cooler-toned and looks slightly muddier. You can’t go wrong with Laguna apart from the fact that it does contain subtle shimmer particles. Haven’t tried Too Faced yet, hope this helps you – somehow. Making a choice is tough sometimes! ;) X

  • Jacklyn

    The bronzer looks amazing! It’s something I’ve been wanting to try as well.

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Jacklyn! It’s well worth a try – it’s so bloody good. You won’t have any regrets! X