Hourglass Diffused Heat Ambient Lighting Blush


Initially bought because of its exquisite beauty only? I plead guilty. Just look at this marbled gorgeousness, it’s too pretty not to bring it home. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush has been in my collection for quiet a while now, thanks to my loveliest cousin who brought it all the way from the States. I asked her to hunt down Diffused Heat as it’s supposed to be the most universal shade hence flattering on all skin tones. So is this beauty worth the hype? 

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush is a blusher-highlighter hybrid, each infused with their Ambient Lighting Powder name equivalent, which is what makes them so unique. Hourglass used Photoluminescent Technology to provide depth and dimension to your cheeks. Oh, and have I mentioned that each is handmade which means that no two are alike? Splendid.


Diffused heat, combined with Diffused Light, is a soft pink with warm peachy undertones and subtle shimmer particles which provides a natural, luminous flush to the cheeks. The formula is very soft and finely-mild which makes application quiet delicate; Use it light-handed and build up gradually, or vibrant poppy cheeks will be achieved. Using a duo-fibre brush might be of great help. I’m not the bestest friend with pigmented blushes so it was quickly shoved aside not being able to achieve the desired colour intensity but that’s luckily all water under the bridge now.

Although powder is infused, it’s undetectable onto the skin and no pores are accentuated, just like the regular finishing powders. On the other hand, it manages to perfect the skin by delivering a utterly smooth and radiant finish. The blush blends in effortlessly making extra blending unnecessary.


The fact that this review is long overdue proves my scepticism towards its immense popularity. Well, I might not have picked the right shade at the time as it was slightly too pink to my liking but I’ve managed to find a way to make this blush work. Here’s what I’ve discovered after few trial and errors; It’s best paired with warm-toned eyeshadows e.g. Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita or Tom Ford Cognac Sable. It pulls the look so beautifully together. Recently I’ve also been rocking it on no make-up make-up days, giving my dull complexion a little pinch of life .

Is it an absolute must-have? It depends really. I’ve never been the fanatic blush hoarder, but there’s no doubt that it would be a gorgeous addition to any make-up stash. It’s a winner in terms of combining luminosity with actual blush colour. I’m positive that we’re going to get along well during the colder months: Cute winter flushed cheeks, I’m all in! I might have been torn at first but I’m getting a bigger fan by the day …


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  • http://www.themistymom.com/ Shari

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE OUT OF THE 3 I HAVE! Diffused Heat is just so gorgeous on the cheeks AHHH! I want to get mine now and wear it (FYI: I’m in bed about to sleep) :)) I didnt think I’d like it at all (I leaned towards Dim Infusion more) but it’s the one I use the most out of the three! LOVE IT TOO MUCH.

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Oh man, I’m SO happy that you like this one best! I really wanted to get Dim Infusion but I was afraid it wouldn’t show up onto my skin … Colour looks gorgeous though! Now my mind can rest in peace, THANK YOU SO MUCH Shari, hihi! Alright, now you make me want to pull it out of the drawer and apply it, lol. X

  • http://www.style-laboratory.net Sté // StyleLab

    I have this one too! So pretty! ^_^ Was planning on getting more until the news of the palette came. I’m so glad I waited! I ordered the palette right away and had it shipped to a friend in the Netherlands. Sephora Y U NO ship to Belgium? :( Can’t wait to get my hands on it :D

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Oh my, that palette is just gorgeous! All that fuss must be worth it though. Did you receive it already? Argh, I’m jealous now! X

  • http://www.minnebelle.com/ Isabelle

    I am so curious to try these! I have wishlisted the new blush palette for Christmas – but I’m going to London for work in November and might have to beat Santa to it and bring it home with me then. It’s been a while since I’ve been lusting over a beauty product this much!

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Their blushes are really something to swoon over – and the palette is even prettier! Now I’m jealous, I would love to have a trip planned to London. Don’t forget to check out Charlotte Tilbury in Selfridges … I’m obsessed with her products! X

  • http://www.jasmijncherubijn.be Jasmijn

    Gorgeous! I adore the Ambient Lighting powders, and I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      I’m not a powder girl so I splurged on their blushes instead, but now it’s hard to resist their powders … Which shade to you like best? X

      • http://www.jasmijncherubijn.be Jasmijn

        Dim Light is an amazing finishing powder. It keeps my T-zone shine-free and gives my skin that airbrush finish. It’s amazing!

        • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

          Awesome! I was thinking about getting Dim Light, so thanks! X

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    *swoon* This is such a beauty! I have my eyes set on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush trio for the holidays!

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      You darn right Melissa! Such a gorgeous palette! X

  • http://www.makemeupmandy.com/ Mandy Webb

    OMG. Your photos are stunning, Alice. Now you’re tempting me! I have so many blushes so I haven’t felt too driven to pick this up yet even though yes, it’s gorgeous. It’s one of those things that I’ll wait for a day when I’m just feeling a little restless and up for an impulse buy ;)

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Thanks Mandy, so sweet of you! Impulse buys are the best! ;) I’m actually wearing a new blush today but I’m regretting not having the Hourglass’s on. I was a bit dubious at first but I’m absolutely loving it now! X

  • Kate

    Ah I’ve wanted this for a while and now I want it more! Lovely review. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Thanks Kate! So sweet of you! X

  • MajaEstelle

    I think if there’s one make-up stash I could raid without getting caught it would be yours’s Alice! Is it the product or your tempting words, either way: I decided I need this!
    X Maja

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Oh you’re so adorable and sweet, Maja! I wouldn’t mind trade places with you though, would love to visit Sweden in the future! But I might’ve said that already, lol. X