Spotlight: Poshé Top Coat


May I introduce you the first instalment of Spotlight in which I share a discovery that basically blew my mind. Today I’m introducing a top coat that deserves this very first feature: Poshé Top Coat. It may be a less familiar brand but well-worth the mention. It has a very thin brush that fans out widely as it should. It’s very liquid in texture that smoothes over imperfections – bumps, lumps, streaks, you name it. It leaves your nails with a super shiny finish that makes your manicure look a million times better than without. The best thing however is the impressive short drying time – almost as fast as the speed of light. A minute tops and it’s already completely dry – even I find it sometimes still hard to believe. No matter how many coats it covers, it doesn’t seem to affect the drying time whatsoever.

My previous love was the Dior Gel Coat and up until now nothing was able to compare to this unbeatable bedazzling gel finish. But there were a few downsides nonetheless starting with the exorbitant price tag which wasn’t justified because it turned all gloopy in only a few months time. It was much thicker in texture and faded at the tips. Poshé however provides my fingertips with astonishing shine with no fading and a lighter price tag to digest – a winner in my books!

DSCN9397 DSCN9405

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