A Rather Unexpected Haul


Last Monday I was kindly invited to go to an event where products such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Clinique to name just a few, are sold at discount – something I couldn’t possibly refuse. I may have made a rather large Sephora splurge the day before so I had to think my purchases through – at the least as best I could. Temptations were relatively high – just sayin’ … 

Tom Ford Bronzing Powder Terra, €68
Pinch me in the cheeks – is this for real? I have been swooning over this bronzer but the price tag was something hard to swallow. Imagine the joy I felt when I saw this in store – imagine the last time you were happy and multiply it by three. I rushed over, swatched it, and a beautiful cool-toned brown made its appearance on the back of my hand. It’s tough to find a true matte, cool-toned bronzer as the majority tends to be way too reddish for my complexion so I couldn’t be happier with this utterly sleek compact – which is definitely the icing on the cake.

Tom Ford Eye Shadow Blending Brush, €45
Another Tom Ford purchase – sense my weakness? – is the Eye Shadow Blending Brush which made my knees weaken at every brushstroke. The brush is surprisingly dense rather than floppy, yet it blurs edges softly away. I can’t wait to get my hands on more Tom Ford brushes, shall I perhaps add it to my Christmas list? One can never have enough brushes …

Clinique Cheek Pop 02 Peach Pop, €21
Everyone has been raving about these Daisy-shaped blushes yet I’ve never seen them in stores. I was smitten at first glance … They definitely have a spring vibe to them but I honestly couldn’t resist. Vibrant in the pan but natural on the cheeks. Did I need another blush? Most certainly not. Am I happy with my acquisition? Totally, a peachy blush will always fit my blush drawer.

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins, €44
This was actually thrown first into my shopping basket – without hesitation. The first jar must’ve been a real contender … A rather thick night cream that pleases my dry and dull skin wonderfully. The following morning I’m left with a soft, plump, and nourished complexion. I’m not the biggest fan of fragranced skincare, but this subtle citrusy scent is just extremely satisfying.

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  • http://www.themistymom.com/ Shari

    I want to cry. Can I be invited to that sale too? I’ll gladly fly on over! LOL :)) We have none of that here (or I just dont get invited to such sales!! WHY! Haha). Your haul is drool-worthy, indeed! I dont think I’ll ever get Tom Ford brushes though – I feel like Im being held up! Or maybe investing in brushes – I’m just not there yet. Clinique Cheek Pops on the other hand – I vouch for! LOVE THOSE!!! I wanted to collect them all :))

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      If I could I would sneek you into my pocket! Need to get my hands on another invitation first, lol! That Tom Ford brush is without any doubt the softest brush I own – I’M OBSESSED. I NEED MORE! Haha, it’s going to be an expensive affair. That Clinique Cheek Pop is the cutest thing ever. Love, love! X

  • http://www.beautyminded.be/ Katia | beautyminded

    What a wonderful haul! Can you sneak me in your purse, next time you go? ;-)

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Definitely! It’s so worth it. *droool*

  • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

    Thanks Alexandra! I ADORE Origins products, nothing but rave for this brand. X

  • Jasmine

    Looks you’ve chosen wisely: the origins cream sounds delightful and really cute daisy – haven’t spotted one of those (yet).

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Thanks Jasmine! I really did my best, could’ve come home with so much more! *pats myself on the back* I couldn’t resist the cute flower-embossing tho … oops! X

  • http://www.minnebelle.com/ Isabelle

    I really want to go there again as well! I once got an invite, but don’t really know anyone that gets them still.. Sniff. It was one of my best makeup haul days ever! :)

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      If I hadn’t ordered so much on Sephora the day before, I would’ve come home with so much more stuff … By that I mean, A LOT MORE. Not a purse-friendly invite though, haha! Things get thrown into your basket without even thinking … X

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    Yay! You’ll love Peach Pop! I have Berry Pop but I kinda wish I had gotten Peach Pop instead.

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Berry Pop sounds more autumn appropriate though, haha. Couldn’t resist the beautiful embossing. I’m so weak!

  • http://www.style-laboratory.net Sté // StyleLab

    Lucky you! I’ve always wanted to go but never got the chance :,-( In the UK you can access the company store freely (it’s in an outlet center) Love the blush you got!

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      No way! Have you been there? Haha, honestly I’m glad with everything I got, lol. I was like a happy kid in a candy store, so lame! X

  • http://www.hellojaa.com/ Jaa

    Oh lucky you, Alice!!!! I bought my TF bronzer FULL PRICE!!! >.< It's hard to believe Tom Ford products being sold at a discounted price, though! I'd totally get that blending brush in a heartbeat! Are there other TF brushes, too, or just this one?

    • http://ALICEYEH.pro/wp Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Tom Ford at a discounted price – I feel more than lucky! There was a flat concealer brush as well but I never use such brushes so I didn’t bought it. I’m really tempted to get Tom Ford face brushes now! I really need new ones, my Real Techniques really need to be replaced, lol. At least the bronzer is great, I absolutely luuuurve it!