Clarins Liquid Bronze VS Intense Bronze


Today I’ll be sharing with you how I look like during summer and what saves me: White ghost-like face on top of a tanned body is how you’ll spot me bare face. Chances are high that it’s due to the SPF I slather on my face when I’m out and about but it’s also a fact that your face is the first part of your body to age and the last to tan. So if I’m allowed to have one complaint about summer (don’t shoot me) it’s that I always look as if I’m ill. In order to conceal that I need to bronze up my face in order to make it match to the colour of my body. This implies either a face tanner, a lot of bronzer, or both.


Your face is the first part of your body to age and the last to tan …

I have been using the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning religiously for the past two or three years. It speaks for itself that I’m very satisfied. It’s a white lotion that looks no different than any other lotion. I usually apply it with my bare hands (for the sake of not wasting any product) at night as my last step of my skincare routine. This ensures a slight hint of colour the next morning: Subtle but definitely noticeable. It provides a beautiful colour, not too orange nor dirty and there’s no funky biscuity smell. For a more intense colour, reapply it at night. The colour will last for more or less two days. It’s the perfect pick for someone who’s not yet confident to tan their face. It’s quick, fuss-free and low-maintenance. Be sure to wash your hands post-application to avoid orange palms, better be safe than sorry!

My only problem is that I use a chemical exfoliator religiously twice a day which encourages skin renewal and therefore a tan doesn’t last. This is why I needed to tan my face in conjunction with a bronzer in order to match the colour of my face to my body, but things were getting too caky and just not a pretty sight.


Tables have been turned ever since I decided to give the Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint a go. I’ve honestly never heard someone talk about this so I didn’t really know what to expect but Clarins doesn’t really disappoint when it comes to self-tanning so I was pretty confident. Texture-wise it’s a whole different story: It’s a dark brown liquid that needs to be applied with a cotton pad. Don’t be put off by its colour because it sheers out really beautifully onto the skin. It delivers instant colour to your face but I personally suggest to apply it at night because the colour can be a tad dark if you’re a bit too enthusiast in terms of application but once you wash your face in the morning you should be more than fine. Once you know how much to apply you can apply it post-moisturiser in the morning without any problem. Application was equally fuss-free: An even, non-streaky application and it doesn’t dry out your skin. It sinks in beautifully without staining your cushions. Now I’ve found a way to match my face perfectly to my body in one application. You can barely see a difference in terms of colour, it’s truly amazing!


My skin is looking so good lately (I should put up a skincare routine very soon) and it looks even better with this fake tan! Now that I’ve found a way to colour-match my face to my body I’ve barely been wearing any foundation lately. I’m truly impressed! Both are so low maintenance: I apply it every other night and I’m done but I do sometimes apply it in the morning if I need SOS instant colour to my face: Such an easy quick fix and out the door I am.

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  • Sandra – MoreStyleThanFashion

    Sounds like a lovely self tanner, I got to keep it in mind because I am always looking for one. Now I use Magic Drops from Collistar, also very happy with it.

    X Sandra

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Sandra! I haven’t tried Magic Drops so I can’t really compare but I really love how natural this self tanner looks! Definitely a winner ;) X