Chanel Le Blanc

DSCN8936 DSCN8941Let’s start with a little secret: I’ve never really explored much in the primer’s department. Why? Because I didn’t really felt the need to. I’m blessed with pretty normal skin that might lean towards the more drier side of the spectrum during the colder months, but besides that, I have not much else to complain about – touch wood. Chanel Le Blanc however managed to get the better of me and I caved. But during the first day of wear I had the worst break-out ever, which is something very rare to happen to me. I do have break-outs and big ones but never this sudden. I immediately pointed Chanel Le Blanc out as the culprit and haven’t touched it since. I’ve recently felt brave enough to give it another chance and I almost can’t contain my happiness because it was all just pure coincidence, and not due to an allergic reaction – happy dance! 

Chanel Le Blanc doesn’t really fit the standard primer requirements but it still is a pre-base post-moisturiser application so I’ll call it primer nonetheless. It’s quite liquid in texture but not as liquid that it would slide off the back of your hand. It’s white in colour but turns transparant once blended or shall I say melted into the skin. It makes sure that whatever is slapped on top, looks fresher and dewier – think Victoria Secret models’ skin in a bottle. It really makes you shine from within without a fleck of shimmer in sight. It’s really something. Oily skin gals would want to sit this one out though or you might catch yourself looking very discoball-like. It makes your make-up last longer and ensures a fresh complexion at the end of a rough day. Such a pleasant way to come home – I almost don’t want to take my make-up off, such a pity!


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  • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

    Oh right, I almost forgot they used to come without a pump. Probably the reason why I never bought it before. Yup, pumps are just a necessity! I love their Vitalumière Aqua! ;) X

  • Jasmine

    Daredevil, good that you gave it another try – what you could have been missing out on. It sounds good and smooth. Such pretty shot of Chanel goodness!

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      Hi Jasmine! To be truly honest, I did feel like a daredevil. I was so scared for a major breakout but as you can see, you need to take a leap of faith from time to time ;) So glad it worked out in the end! It’s an additional step that’s totally worth the effort! X

  • Jaa

    I wonder what caused the breakout the first time then? Glad to hear it’s working great for you now since it’s such an expensive piece and I’d hate to see it just sitting around on the vanity. ;)

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      I’m still wondering the same thing, it’s still a mystery to me! But yes, can you imagine how happy I was? Like a little kid in a candy store! X

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I’ve heard amazing things about this one! But yeah, I don’t think it would work for me, what with my oily skin and all.

    • Alice Yeh (叶翠云)

      In that case, you should definitely spend your money elsewhere! Too bad though but I’m sure there are far better options for you out there! ;) X