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Brush Cleansing Made Easy

Cleaning make-up brushes has become an unhealthy habit of abiding procrastination. There’s just no such thing like indulging yourself in a good brush cleaning sesh – at least not at my house. The procrastination process has however been shortened since I discovered the Clean Brush Shampoo, which is totally life-changing – yes life-changing is exactly the word. Clean Brush […] Read more…


Soap&Glory Kickass Concealer

It’s that time of year again for blemishes to pop up out of nowhere and me being frustrated about it probably didn’t help hence the large zit fest on my face. Luckily, I had the Soap&Glory Kickass Concealer on hand, which managed to make these blemishes disappear as quickly as they appeared – temporarily of course. It would be a miracle worker otherwise. In […] Read more…


The One and Only LORAC PRO

  Here I am, writing a post about the long-awaited LORAC PRO palette, yup it’s been a long time coming. I’m sure this beautiful palette doesn’t need introducing but either way, it deserves another fangirl raving. There are 8 matte shades and 8 satin/shimmery shades housed in this very sleek cardboard packaging. I’m not the biggest fan of cardboard […] Read more…


SUQQU Brow Pen

Not a day goes by without giving the necessary attention and grooming to my brows because honestly I would feel naked without. 2014 has been all about brows and I’ve tried the lot – it goes without saying that this SUQQU Brow Pen is easily the most natural option on the market. Quality does usually come […] Read more…


Chanel Le Blanc

Let’s start with a little secret: I’ve never really explored much in the primer’s department. Why? Because I didn’t really felt the need to. I’m blessed with pretty normal skin that might lean towards the more drier side of the spectrum during the colder months, but besides that, I have not much else to complain about […] Read more…


Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Exposed

Sometimes we crave a little make-up sesh like kids do with ice cream and attempt to draw the most perfect feline flick possible and to slap on the boldest lip colour at hand – if only slapping on was the right term. But on other days, we want to look at our best in the most natural way. Finding […] Read more…

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