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Prepping Your Body For Summer

Spring has only just arrived and I’m already worrying about getting my legs undressed. Legs are often neglected in the winter resulting in a pale and dry mess – and mine are by no means an exception. In the anticipation for the warmer months I bought a new body scrub and moisturiser, hoping for nicely prepped limbs […] Read more…


BISC Vol.5: Hyped Product I Regret Buying

What was the last product you bought because of the hype and now regret?​ ERIN | USA | Clever Girl Reviews Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes! I had burning eyes for three days from the fibers! SYL | New Zealand | The Painted Rogue One of the advantages(?) of living in a place like NZ during times of hype is that […] Read more…


Make-up Menu #3: Spring Edition

A new season demands a new make-up menu: a lighter and fresher one with a glowy finish that makes you look as if you’ve been cocooning all winter long – I wish that were true. I’ve spent part of my Easter Sunday spring cleaning my make-up MUJI drawers and I got inspired to create a simple, everyday spring […] Read more…


Evening Skincare Routine

Following up my Morning Skincare Routine #2, I will now share you my evening routine in full detail. One that’s quite exhaustive, as you will see, and meant to proper treat the skin – which is much, much appreciated during the cold and shivering months. The cold always plays havoc with my skin and requires quite […] Read more…


Morning Skincare Routine #2

Half a year has gone by and – looking back at my previous Morning Skincare Routine I noticed that – my skincare routine completely changed. Even though I’m very chuffed with my current routine, I’m about to change few things up – as a true beauty aficionado it should be no surprise. So before I do, I wanted to quickly scribble down […] Read more…

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