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SUQQU Brow Pen

Not a day goes by without giving the necessary attention and grooming to my brows because honestly I would feel naked without. 2014 has been all about brows and I’ve tried the lot – it goes without saying that this SUQQU Brow Pen is easily the most natural option on the market. Quality does usually come […] Read more…


Sunday Post#1: US Haul

Think make-up, think United States and the brands Wayne Goss and Lorac Pro somehow pop straight into my mind. Two brands that seem sort of out of reach – at least if you’re unwilling to pay additional import taxes like me – yet a friend of mine was kind enough to bring a few things home for […] Read more…


Chanel Le Blanc

Let’s start with a little secret: I’ve never really explored much in the primer’s department. Why? Because I didn’t really felt the need to. I’m blessed with pretty normal skin that might lean towards the more drier side of the spectrum during the colder months, but besides that, I have not much else to complain about […] Read more…


Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Exposed

Sometimes we crave a little make-up sesh like kids do with ice cream and attempt to draw the most perfect feline flick possible and to slap on the boldest lip colour at hand – if only slapping on was the right term. But on other days, we want to look at our best in the most natural way. Finding […] Read more…


Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze

I feel like bronzer is something more optional for most people but to me it’s pretty much a daily essential. Finding one that pleases me entirely is however a whole other story … In my opinion, a bronzer should be entirely matte and hold the perfect balance between cool and warm-toned, and believe me, the […] Read more…

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