Maybelline BROWdrama


Brows have become a statement ever since Cara Delevigne came into the picture. They are everywhere and only getting bigger and bigger. Everyone has been after the perfect brows: bold and perfectly shaped. Maybelline BROWdrama is a sculpting brow mascara and it has all the ingredients a brow gel should have:

  1. A hint of colour to enhance your brows
  2. A lot of hold to give your brows the perfect shape that lasts all day
  3. A natural look which is essential

DSC_3799milkyIt is like we have been waiting forever for a high-street alternative to come onto the market. This brow mascara comes in 3 shades; deep blonde, medium brown and dark brown. Medium brown leaves a hint of colour onto my brows which is the perfect shade to use as a finishing touch after having filled in my brows with my Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash. If you want to use this product on its own without filling them in first, the darkest shade might be the way to go. If you are dark-haired as me of course.


Maybelline BROWdrama distinguishes itself with its particularly odd-shaped wand. It has a ball brush which in my opinion has a lot of benefits. It picks up the perfect amount of product spreading it perfectly even onto my brows. The wider part of the brush ensures a thin application. The tip of the brush gives you a more concentrate amount which gives you all the control you need. The bristles are in a way designed so they don’t leave any clumps behind. This wand is so unique and makes the application very precise not leaving any product all over the skin unlike others tend to do. Not one hair is left unloved, it picks up every single brow hair and eases them into place, and that for the rest of the day.


Brows are a thing with all the right reasons in the world. Brows define your face, giving it more shape and structure. Your brows can make all the difference. Filling in the sparse areas of my brows, which I have been doing for years, was not enough. If you have unruly brows as I do, a brow gel is pretty essential to keep all the hairs in place. This one shapes my brows beautifully. The formula is quite dry which is a dream to achieve a natural brow look. The hold lasts all day without leaving my hair crispy or wet-looking. *score* Maybelline BROWdrama made all the difference in the world, it’s definitely one to try out.

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