Autumn skincare guide.

As days get shorter and the weather much colder, it’s time for some wardrobe modifications. Every season we adapt our clothing to the weather conditions, your bathroom shelf should not be an exception. It’s crucial to understand your skin’s needs in order to do something about it. You only get one face, so why mess with it?


No skin care skipping
Have you ever been guilty of skipping your evening skin care routine because you were just too tired? I know I am … Well I used too back in the days, but I’ve put an end to it. So should you. 
While it’s getting colder outside, the central heating has been turned back on. These environmental elements can play havoc with your skin causing it to be dry, sensitive and dull. So what about showing your skin some love this season?

Cleansing your skin is the most important step of your skin care routine, morning and evening. As Caroline Hirons says: “Taking care of your skin in the morning is no different to having a shower before you put clean knickers on.” As your skin needs a little bit more nourishment during this time of year I recommend using a cleansing balm. Perfect for removing all the grime and make-up off you pretty face while hydrating it. The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm will be your new best friend, guaranteed.

Tonerthforgotten and much underrated step. It has multiple purposes: moisturising, exfoliating, calming and treating various skin issues. It demands your skin to take action and to prep your skin for whatever is coming next. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smoother, looking fresh and younger. *scores* When you found the right toner, it will definitely benefit your skin. I use an acid toner (Clarins – Toning Lotion) followed by a hydrating toner: La Roche-Posay – Serozinc.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, … Do I need to say more? Everyone knows how hard the cold can be on our delicate skin. Therefore switch your Summer moisturiser for something more heavy. In the morning I go for Alpha-H – Essential Hydration Cream and at night I love using the Origins – High Potency Night-A-Mins.

Pucker up
Kiss your chapped lips goodbye by always having a lip balm to hand. Otherwise you will be in for a nasty experience …

Exfoliate your lips regularly with something sugar-based as the Sarah Happ – Lip scrub.
Nourish your lips by using a lip balm that genuinely nourishes and hydrates your lips. Something as Vaseline will only coat your lips leaving you a pretty pout but in the long run it will have done nothing. The By Terry – Baume de Rose is an absolute favourite of mine.

Now you’re all set to fight this bad ass cold, enjoy the last rays of sun while you can.

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