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Morning Skincare Routine

My skin has been rocking its way through summer. Here’s a short summary: July started out pretty rough on my skin so I decided to do some routine-tweaking and I must’ve done something real good to achieve such mind-blowing results. I did have a few hormonal break-outs though, which sadly can’t be avoided, but I’ve managed to clear them up within […] Read more…



When I first set foot in Venice I was stupefied at the beauty that this small city carries: It may be an old city but oh so charming with the charismatic old houses alongside the canals, countless bridges, the delicious scent of food lingering in the air, beautifully crafted gondolas, its magnificent architecture, … And I do admit that a city […] Read more…


Charlotte Tilbury – The Dolce Vita

Charlotte has make-up down to a tee, and her eyeshadow quads are no exception seeing that I’m slightly obsessed to say the least. I had set my mind on this gorgeousness the moment I laid my eyes on it. Sounds quiet cheesy but the honest truth. Yet another brown-toned palette, you might think, but nothing is less true. The […] Read more…


Charlotte Tilbury: First Impressions

Charlotte, you amazingly skilled lady, your work is truly mesmerising: Creator of hypnotic, sultry eyes defined with the famous feline flick, killer cheekbones, and dewy skin. What a handful. She’s a connoisseur when it comes to painting faces; Armed with her artillery she’s able to move mountains by transforming you into the most irresistible woman ever. It’s no understatement that she […] Read more…

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