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A Rather Unexpected Haul

Last Monday I was kindly invited to go to an event where products such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Clinique to name just a few, are sold at discount – something I couldn’t possibly refuse. I may have made a rather large Sephora splurge the day before so I had to think my purchases through – […] Read more…


Wave Spots Goodbye

There’s nothing worse than doing your job devotedly to be then yelled at by your cranky boss. Taking care of our skin is essential but requires devotion, discipline, time, and money. Whilst I assume we all make those efforts, nobody wants unattractive spots in return. Luckily I’ve picked up some tips along the way and here’s my foolproof way […] Read more…


Hourglass Diffused Heat Ambient Lighting Blush

Initially bought because of its exquisite beauty only? I plead guilty. Just look at this marbled gorgeousness, it’s too pretty not to bring it home. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush has been in my collection for quiet a while now, thanks to my loveliest cousin who brought it all the way from the States. I asked her to hunt down Diffused Heat as […] Read more…


Birchbox Belgium

SOURCE: BIRCHBOX Birchbox has made its way to Belgium, and that deserves a proper celebration. Birchbox is an online monthly subscription service in which subscribers receive a box containing four to five carefully selected products ranging from make-up, skincare, haircare, tools, and occasional non-beauty extras for only 13euros a month. It’s a platform that introduces you to […] Read more…


Fishtail Accent Nail

Nail art requires patience, confidence, and endurance — all of which I lack. Needless to say that I admire deeply those that create works of nail art. However, you will rarely spot me without any nail varnish on my fingertips. I adore simple, plain shades leaving all special finishes aside, this even includes metallic ones which I’m not too fond […] Read more…


Dark Circle Eraser

Dark circles instantly give away when one had a short night’s sleep and nobody subscribed for a pair of those, right? Luckily someone invented the concept of a concealer that erases unwanted evidence off our faces – genius person that is. Finding a good one is however a whole other story. Nothing seems to be good enough and we’re never really satisfied, at least I […] Read more…

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